kkBahar is a hair stylist that has been a master of her art for over a decade. She is known for her one of a kind creativity and ability to customize her work to compliment the clients’ lifestyle and features.

She has continuously provided her exceptional skills from fashion shows to the clients in her chair. She has traveled across seas to help hair stylists excel their careers in hair styling.

Bahar started doing hair in Denver in 2004 where she learned how to master her trade. Constantly showing her work in different runway events and throughout the Denver metro area. Years down the road Bahar proceeded to Las Vegas to do hair shows and provide services to people in the Las Vegas industry. Soon after she traveled to the Middle East and administered hands on classes for fellow hair stylist. Now landed in San Diego where Bahar is keeping up with the latest trends and fashions to make and keep you looking fresh.

“My greatest passion lies in creating gorgeous and expertly personalized styles to enhance my clients’ natural beauty in a way nobody else can! It is pure ecstasy the feeling that comes across me when I am able to make the client in my chair so happy. I have got to say it is one of the most rewarding feelings I have encountered!”     -Bahar

Love you guys xoxoxo !!

-As your hair stylist I will not stop until you are absolutely in love with your hair. I am the type of hair stylist that will not let you walk out the door if I am not 110% happy with the results. I am a true perfectionist when it comes to my passion of hair, therefore I strive to do the best possible work. What every hair stylist needs to remember is that our clients are our walking advertisement. Your hair is my hair!!!


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